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Top ten things to do on Feb 14 if you don't have a valentine

10. Order take out and eat it while watching a movie in your PJs.
9. Go thrifting and find something you adore. Who says money can’t buy love?
8. Play laser tag. Reason? None. Why not!?
7. Head out to the park with a “Free Hugs” sign, and fill your day with warm fuzzies.
6. Write an emo song, record it, and put it on YouTube. Await your imminent fame.
5. Go on a blind date. Would be interesting to see (or not see) how it turns out!
4. Make up a tearjerker of a story and call into Delilah’s radio show.
3. Reenact Hamlet’s famous soliloquy in the grocery store.
2. Crank up Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” on your stereo and dance around with conviction.
1. Organize one heck of a girls’ night out!

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