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Special dedication

I was asked to do a post for my dearest cousin, landed on this Christian Louboutin spread & automatically thought of her ! & I just have to add this as well since I couldn't find the perfect birkin post: ''It's not a bag, it's a fucking birkin !'' Samatha Jones - Sex and the City

Adore how they incorporated a little Alice in Wonderland, it makes everything so much more magical.

[ Posted with love ]


Anonymous said...

Josi, im so honored :)
that was so sweet of you
ps; love love love the quote

[commented with love]

Siri said...

Holy cow! I LOVE these! AWESOME!!!

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Crazy but amazing pictures!

agnes said...

le premier modèle est magnifique

Camilla said...

sweet blog & thanks for commenting :) x

Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!

fritha louise said...

So magical!

Jen said...

The booties in the last picture are fricken HOT!! Momma needs a pair of those beauties! :-)

Lisa Drives A Van said...

hi love, the heels were from topshop xox