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Release the Rainbow

Found these photos in my folder and was so intrigued by
them that I decided to make a post. I can't seem to figure out where I
landed on these originally, if you know
the source, just let me know. Never the less, these are beautiful &
I simply adore the way they incorporated ballet in the shot, something
I've always found makes everything more magical.
I've been working on a new banner for my blog during my arts&multimedia class
can't wait till it's done to show you all, I warn that it looks a little like a
kindergarden project. But I did put all my effort in it, soo
fingers cross the out comes half decent.
[ Posted with love ]


Rose said...


Dancing Branflake said...

Beautiful! So stunning and moving. Great find and I hope you find the source because it's amazing.

Clare said...

So very beautiful...

tweet tweet tweet


Christie Ressel said...

Wow! Stunning pictures - so inspiring!

In Fashion and Style

Mary Standish said...

Oh my that is gorgeous! The flowing dresses remind me of this video inside Le Pompidou that shows a woman from the 1920s wearing a similar dress to yours posted and flowing around. Jolie!

ROBINE said...

this is fabulous!

Bardot in Blue said...

such pretty posts lately :-D

alyssa said...

all of these photos are so beautiful- i love them all!!! the blues and the yellows are my favorite. amazing.
x. alyssa

Vanessa said...

Oh my these are amazing, I love the way they capture movement and a fleeting moment. They anticipate the next move. I also love the colours

Great blog

xx Vanessa

Anonymous said...

hello juicy i finally visit your blog and its awesome you made an good work and im proud of you even if i ain't no picture of josi lily dolly
love you peace .
vanessa gee