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Summer days

Everything about this shoot is absolutely stunning ,
from the models to the serenity of the lighting & location.
& of course their summer style is just darling !

[ Posted with love ]


Daphne said...

Gosh your blog is great. Where do you keep finding these wonderful photographs? I think I'm addictid to your looovely blog. :)
Lots of Love, Daphne

Nina said...


Lane :) said...

its gorgeous! :D but i just wish scchool would be over.

Kim said...

Ah, those dreamy pastel colours & sweet dresses.. I plan on looking exactly like this, this summer! (albeit less gorgeous, probably. Haha)


Lucy said...

These are great photos!!

J. said...

Such lovely pics!

Catita said...

these pictures are lovely and the dresses so nice!

Anonymous said...

summer is finally here YAYYYY so now i can copy all those model style and look pretty like juicyy !!!

Nikki said...

I want my summer days to look like this!


The little world of fashion said...

So cool pics!

Constance said...

I am amazed by the beauty of this shoot!!

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